Killion Earns Backing of Delco, Chesco and PA Business Groups

Killion receives Endorsement of Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry and committees representing the Delaware County Chamber and PA Chamber of Business and Industry



CHADDS FORD, PA – Small business owner Tom Killion, a candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate in the 9th Senatorial District, has earned the endorsement of three major business organizations representing job creators in Pennsylvania, as well as in Delaware and Chester Counties.  Today, Killion announced that he has received the backing of the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry (CCCBI); the Delaware County Chapter of SEPAC, the Political Action Committee of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce; and ChamberPAC, the political arm of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry.

Killion is running in a Special Election on Tuesday, April 26th to fill the seat of former Senator Dominic Pileggi, who was elected last year to the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas.  The 9th Senatorial Districts includes portions of Delaware and Chester Counties. 

“Tom Killion’s vast career in both government and the private sector will make him a great asset in the Pennsylvania Senate,” said PA Chamber President and CEO Gene Barr.  “As the founder of a small business, he understands the burdens excessive government regulations and mandates place on job creators.  Throughout his career in public service, Tom has built a strong record of supporting pro-growth policies that will improve the Commonwealth’s competitive edge and economic climate.”

“Tom Killion owns a small business, served on our Board and has a voting record of supporting job-creating legislation and policies,” said Guy Ciarrocchi, President & CEO of CCCBI, who noted that the CCCBI Board of Directors voted unanimously to endorse Killion. “He is the only candidate running who has experience managing a business and creating jobs, as well as a record of business friendly policies that we champion here at the Chamber.  We know Tom; we trust Tom.”

“Tom Killion knows the challenges facing job creators because he has started two small businesses in the area,” said Trish McFarland, President of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce.  “Killion knows what it takes to strengthen our local economy and as a member of County Council, he played a key role in attracting international companies like SAP – now one of the largest employers in Delaware County – to our region.  For the past three years, Tom Killion has worked closely with state agencies to help save area refineries and hundreds of local jobs. With such a strong record on economic development, we are proud to support Tom Killion for the Pennsylvania Senate.”

“I believe strongly that the key to well-paying, family supporting jobs is a strong, robust economy where businesses are able to grow and expand,” said Killion. “In order to create more jobs for local residents, we need to create an economic environment where small and medium size businesses can thrive.  I have always had a strong relationship with the business community, as well as the Pennsylvania, Chester County, and Delaware County Chambers and I greatly appreciate their support.”

Killion has a strong record on business and economic development issues in the legislature.  He has been a vocal opponent of the Governor’s proposal to increase and expand the state sales tax, which would make it more difficult for local retailers and other businesses to compete with businesses across the state border in Delaware, where there is no sales tax.  He has also introduced legislation to create a waterfront development tax credit that would help to spur new investment and economic development.  Killion has also supported the phase out of the capital stock and franchise tax and reform of the state’s capital net income tax which is one of the highest in the nation. 

“Government should be more mindful of the impact legislation and government regulations will have on businesses and employers,” said Killion.  “It cannot act in a vacuum.  Often, government policies can have a profound impact on local businesses by driving up costs and impacting their ability to grow and hire new workers. This is why we need to continue efforts to reduce the overall business tax burden in Pennsylvania, which makes it more difficult for our state to competitively attract new businesses and new jobs.”